Tech Reps was formed to participate in the growth of the information technology, broadband, and utility industries.  The development and expansion of internet,  cloud computing, server virtualization, IP, e-commerce, smart phones,  IoT devices,  have flooded the IT industry with new technology and new products.

Businesses in every industry are looking for the competitive edge to forecast, engineer, develop  and sell product more efficiently. They are also striving to communicate faster and more effectively within their organization and with their customers and partners as well.  As one of those partners, we share, and help in the realization of that vision.


The mission of Tech Reps Corporation is to be the selling agent between manufacturer and customers.  We will provide quality professional services and innovative solutions for our customers. With our experience, territory knowledge, and commitment we will accomplish our number one objective.  Introduce new products and grow market share for our manufactures.

We want the customers to view Tech Reps as an extension of the manufacturer’s marketing sales force.  Most importantly, we will establish the trust of our customers and manufacturers through our honesty, integrity, and diligence.

Company Overview

The legal name of Tech Reps is “Tech Reps, Inc.” The business is an S—Corporation under the laws of the state of Nebraska.  Tech Reps was formed in 1999.  Tech Reps is a manufacturers’ representative firm for the advanced technology manufacturers.


Tech Reps is a team of professionals that have succeeded in factory direct sales, distribution sales, contractor sales, or have owned their own businesses.  Tech Reps understands the construction industry, how buildings are planned and constructed, as well as supply chain sales.  We know that to sell a product, you have to understand how it fits in the market and what problem it solves for a customer.  In the sales cycle we will work with end user IT departments, facilities departments, engineering firms, our contractor and distribution channel partners to sell and install our products.    We are very active at cold calling, team selling, and building a pipeline of business for your company.   We have proven ourselves as sales professionals over and over with excellent results. 


Tech Reps Corporation is the selling agent between manufacturer and customer.   We represent technology based manufactures in  infrastructure cabling products,  outside plant and utility products,, security products, AV, and electrical products.


We will conduct business with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and professional standards.  Our professionalism has earned the trust of our supply chain customers and manufacturer partners. Through our experience and territory knowledge we have enabled the manufacturers we represent to grow their business more effectively.   With our contacts, product knowledge, work ethic, we are the manufacturer’s representative firm of choice in Southern Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska.


If you would like a business profile  or more information on Tech Reps please contact.

Tech Reps Inc
Neil Feldhacker


Tech Reps primary objective is to be a valuable extension of the manufactures sales team in NE, IA, MO, KS and Southern IL.  We will achieve this by brand awareness, technical education, sales calls, project pipeline, day to day business, follow up and purchase orders.   Tech Reps is dedicated to increasing the manufacturer’s sales and brand awareness.

To achieve this goal Tech Reps is committed to the following:

  • Representing a limited number of high quality tech product lines
  • Representing complementary lines
  • Support customer purchasing, distribution partners, and design specification relationships equally
  • Selling to large end users and vertical markets
  • Train and support distribution partners, integrator,  and end users


Tech Reps highly motivated professional sales force is committed to growing its manufacturer’s market share in the states of NE, IA, MO, KS, and Southern IL through the following:

  • Understanding the customer base and territory
  • Providing regular calls to customers and prospects
  • Utilization of its product knowledge and professional salesmanship
  • Use of computerized sales automation tools
  • Support of its distribution partners
  • Providing a synergy of products to meet customers needs
  • Grow the manufacturer’s sales!

Tech Reps believes in building long-term partnerships with its customers. This allows Tech Reps to establish a reputation as a valuable extension of the manufacturer’s marketing work force rather than merely a service organization. In addition to supporting OEM sales activity and the end user, Tech Reps also believes in working closely with its authorized distributors. This allows Tech Reps to be consistent with our manufacturer’s sales practices and meet our customer’s needs.

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